Summer is finally coming! Back to garden parties, chilling in a sunbed or spending your afternoon gardening. Being outside and taking care of your garden is a very relaxing activity and helps evacuate bad thoughts. It is also nice to do manual work after a day or a week of using your brain. Finally, after those long winter months when you didn’t want to put a foot outside and your garden looks like a battlefield, you are ready to take things under control.

Before putting all this motivation and good will into action, have you checked that you have everything you need? If not, Heritage Laser Engraving is here to help! Here are some ideas of customized garden tools that will help you make your garden very unique.

Wooden garden tools set

Wooden bbq set



The kitchen is a very special place in your house. It is a place of sharing, creating, making mistakes and succeeding. You drink a cup of coffee in 10 seconds in the morning rush or spend hours to cook for your family or friends; prepare yourself a salad or teach how to bake to your kids, it is sometimes a mess and the day after it is the room you are the most proud of. Have you very noticed that when you are in someone else’s kitchen your feel kind of lost? You don’t know where the cutlery is stored or how to operate the oven. The kitchen will always be a unique place we like to take care of.

At Heritage Laser Engraving, we provide you a range of ideas to make your kitchen even more special or to offer very personalized gifts to your beloved ones.   

You love cheese or simply enjoy chopping veggies? You need you customized cutting board! wood or slate, why not both?

You want your children to finish their veggies? Use their own personalized cutlery!

Throwing a party with our friends? Impress them with your very own bottle opener!


As you are planning your dream wedding, you are furiously (or slowly, depending on how far out the date is) scratching every little detail off your to-do list.  One detail often overlooked is wedding favors. As a caring bride, you will want to leave your guests with a long-lasting impression of your special day. Something they can look at and immediately recognize as a token of an unforgettable night. One of the best ways to do this is by giving customized guest favors.

As always, brides have gotten more creative throughout the years with their wedding details. Guest favors are no exception to this. Brides have given everything from jams to jenga and popcorn to pictures. Whatever your favor of choice may be, be sure to have it engraved with your names, special date or favorite quote. Need some inspiration? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the most clever ways brides are customizing their favors this year.


Luggage Tags

Bottle Openers





What better way to tell your guests you appreciate them celebrating your special day than an engraved wedding favor. For more ideas on engraved wedding favors, see our website


Is a special person in your life getting married soon? Have you stressed over finding the perfect gift for them? Something practical, but still exciting. Something significant, but not huge. If you are anything like us, you stress over this particular gift way more than you should. Giving a meaningful wedding gift doesn’t have to be an olympic sport. You don’t have to search a thousand different websites and stores until you find just the right thing. Give yourself a break. We have done the legwork for you.

We are in the business of brides so we know what they want. Brides want something beautiful they can display in their home. Something to remind them of the wonderful day that changed their lives forever. They want something that will fit their style, but reflects a bit of the gift giver as well. As we describe this “perfect” gift, hopefully something came to mind. If not, don’t panic! We have compiled a list of the top 4 customized gifts brides adore.

  1. Wedding Book

Brides love being able to look back at photos from their special day. It allows them to relive it from different people’s perspectives. Give the gift of memories by compiling a book of their favorite photos from their wedding day. Complete the gift with a customized wooden cover to make the book a piece of art the couple can display on a coffee table or bookshelf.

2. Established Sign

This sign is a staple in many married couples’ homes. People love to see their name and established date displayed. Give the sign an extra element by adding a decorative monogram, their favorite scenery or a quote.

3. Customized Cutting Board

An engraved cutting board is an especially great gift for couples who love to cook together. Not only can they enjoy their favorite activity together, but they can do it in style.

4. Customized Wine Box

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a customized wine box. Purchase a bottle from the same year as their wedding date. Engrave the front to make the box a great display for their home. For an element of added fun, encourage them not to open it until their 10 year anniversary!

Hopefully after seeing this list you were able to draw some inspiration for the perfect gift for the lovely couple. If you still need more ideas, visit our website at


The days of a “one-size-fits-all” wedding are long gone. These days, weddings are all about customization. From colors to cocktails, everything at your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. One of the biggest ways to tailor your wedding to fit your style is by displaying customized signage. Below are six reasons you need custom signage at your wedding.

1.You can showcase your personalities

Signs are one of the best and easiest ways to showcase who you are as a couple. You can use signs to display your favorite quote, an inside joke or a cliche romantic line. By creating a custom sign, you can use verbiage your guests can easily recognize as something you would say.

Not only can signs be worded to show your personality, but the way they are displayed can represent you as well.

2. Guests need to know where to go

Custom signage is a great way to let your guests know where they are supposed to go and when. Depending on the venue, people may have a difficult time navigating their way from activity to activity. By having signs posted, you will save yourself the hassle of having 50 different people ask you where the bathroom is. Help yourself and your guests by displaying directional signage from the beginning.

3. Let people know about activities and events

Not only do people need to know where to go, they need to know what is happening and when. Many brides choose to do this by creating large signs displaying the agenda for the day with exact times and locations. This can eliminate any confusion and keep your big day on schedule. Some brides may give each person a small printed agenda for the day, but these often get lost or thrown away. By displaying large agendas, you can ensure everyone will know where they are expected to be and when.

4. It will make your wedding memorable

Some of the most unforgettable weddings we have attended have included a variety of custom signage. One wedding in particular had a dozen laser engraved acrylic signs for various components of the wedding. The signs were all matching, but served different purposes. It created an elegant, but minimal uniformity that made the day run smoothly and look incredible.

5. Let’s get social

Social media may not be for everyone, but it is a huge trend in the wedding industry right now. Brides are customizing everything from hashtags to custom snapchat geofilters. Let your guests know about your various social media platforms through signs.

6. DIY isn’t for everyone

We understand not everyone loves to do things yourself. Lucky for you, there are millions of ways to customize your signs without having to lift a finger! At Heritage Laser and Design, you simply tell us what you want and we make your dreams come to life! For a quote on custom signage, visit our site.


There are so many ways to make your wedding decor stand out. One trend that has been sweeping the bridal industry this year is laser engraved decor. We have been blown away by some of the creative ways brides have incorporated this new trend into their wedding. There are an infinite of ways to make it match your unique style. Not sure where to start and need some inspiration? We have compiled a list of our favorite laser engraved wedding decor below.

Wedding welcome signs

Seating Assignments

Name Plates


Cake Topper

No matter your bridal style, you can find a laser engraved decor piece to match. This new bridal trend will be the best thing you never knew your wedding needed.


Have you ever received a wedding invite you displayed for months past the wedding date just because it was too pretty to throw away? If you are anything like us, you have done this more times than you would like to admit. Why not give people something more than a printed piece of paper to display for the months to come.

Brides understand you only get one chance at a great first impression. A save the date/wedding invitation gives people a first look into your wedding and the experience they can expect to have there. In order to create a lasting first impression, brides are getting creative with their invites. One of this year’s top trending invitation designs is a laser engraved invite. They are versatile, unique and beautiful.

Oftentimes when we think of laser engraving we imagine it on wood or paper. These mediums are wonderful, but they are not your only options. 2019 brides are laser engraving mediums of all kinds. Everything from acrylic and glass to mirrors and leather. Check out some of our favorite invitation ideas below.

Paper Engraved Invitation

The possibilities with paper engraved invitations are endless. This is the classic medium for laser engraving because it is timeless, inexpensive and easy.

Solid Wood Engraved Invitation

A solid wood invitation is a great alternative to paper. Depending on the type of wood, it can still lightweight so it won’t cost much to mail to your guests. It is very versatile and you can tailor it to match your decor. Wood invitations are perfect for the rustic-chic or boho bride.

Cork Engraved Invitation

Cork creates a great canvas for laser engraving. Cork is extremely lightweight (even more so than wood) so it will save you money on postage. Cork invites are perfect for a country or garden wedding.

Acrylic Engraved Invitation

Acrylic invitations are the newest trend in laser engraved invites. These invites look very classy and modern due to the clear background. They are perfect for a destination, minimal or a modern wedding.

Mirror Engraved Invitation

Mirror engraving is fairly new in the world of wedding invitations. This up and coming medium is classy and timeless. Although this is the most expensive medium to print on, you can’t really put a price on beauty, can you?

Leather Engraved Invitation

Leather is the most unexpected medium for save the dates and invitations, but we are loving it. This is best for brides who want to give their guests something they can keep with them forever.

No matter the medium you choose, laser engraved wedding invitations are always a good idea. They will wow both you and your guests. These invites will create a lasting impression and excite guests for the big day to come.

Are you interested in custom laser engraved save the dates or wedding invitations? Visit our site at