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6 Reasons You Need Custom Signage at Your Wedding

The days of a “one-size-fits-all” wedding are long gone. These days, weddings are all about customization. From colors to cocktails, everything at your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. One of the biggest ways to tailor your wedding to fit your style is by displaying customized signage. Below are six reasons you need custom signage at your wedding.

1.You can showcase your personalities

Signs are one of the best and easiest ways to showcase who you are as a couple. You can use signs to display your favorite quote, an inside joke or a cliche romantic line. By creating a custom sign, you can use verbiage your guests can easily recognize as something you would say.

Not only can signs be worded to show your personality, but the way they are displayed can represent you as well.

2. Guests need to know where to go

Custom signage is a great way to let your guests know where they are supposed to go and when. Depending on the venue, people may have a difficult time navigating their way from activity to activity. By having signs posted, you will save yourself the hassle of having 50 different people ask you where the bathroom is. Help yourself and your guests by displaying directional signage from the beginning.

3. Let people know about activities and events

Not only do people need to know where to go, they need to know what is happening and when. Many brides choose to do this by creating large signs displaying the agenda for the day with exact times and locations. This can eliminate any confusion and keep your big day on schedule. Some brides may give each person a small printed agenda for the day, but these often get lost or thrown away. By displaying large agendas, you can ensure everyone will know where they are expected to be and when.

4. It will make your wedding memorable

Some of the most unforgettable weddings we have attended have included a variety of custom signage. One wedding in particular had a dozen laser engraved acrylic signs for various components of the wedding. The signs were all matching, but served different purposes. It created an elegant, but minimal uniformity that made the day run smoothly and look incredible.

5. Let’s get social

Social media may not be for everyone, but it is a huge trend in the wedding industry right now. Brides are customizing everything from hashtags to custom snapchat geofilters. Let your guests know about your various social media platforms through signs.

6. DIY isn’t for everyone

We understand not everyone loves to do things yourself. Lucky for you, there are millions of ways to customize your signs without having to lift a finger! At Heritage Laser and Design, you simply tell us what you want and we make your dreams come to life! For a quote on custom signage, visit our site.