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The Best Wedding Favors Are Customized Favors

As you are planning your dream wedding, you are furiously (or slowly, depending on how far out the date is) scratching every little detail off your to-do list.  One detail often overlooked is wedding favors. As a caring bride, you will want to leave your guests with a long-lasting impression of your special day. Something they can look at and immediately recognize as a token of an unforgettable night. One of the best ways to do this is by giving customized guest favors.

As always, brides have gotten more creative throughout the years with their wedding details. Guest favors are no exception to this. Brides have given everything from jams to jenga and popcorn to pictures. Whatever your favor of choice may be, be sure to have it engraved with your names, special date or favorite quote. Need some inspiration? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the most clever ways brides are customizing their favors this year.


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What better way to tell your guests you appreciate them celebrating your special day than an engraved wedding favor. For more ideas on engraved wedding favors, see our website HeritageLaserEngraving.co.uk.