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Why Laser Engraved Invites are Trending for 2019 Brides

Have you ever received a wedding invite you displayed for months past the wedding date just because it was too pretty to throw away? If you are anything like us, you have done this more times than you would like to admit. Why not give people something more than a printed piece of paper to display for the months to come.

Brides understand you only get one chance at a great first impression. A save the date/wedding invitation gives people a first look into your wedding and the experience they can expect to have there. In order to create a lasting first impression, brides are getting creative with their invites. One of this year’s top trending invitation designs is a laser engraved invite. They are versatile, unique and beautiful.

Oftentimes when we think of laser engraving we imagine it on wood or paper. These mediums are wonderful, but they are not your only options. 2019 brides are laser engraving mediums of all kinds. Everything from acrylic and glass to mirrors and leather. Check out some of our favorite invitation ideas below.

Paper Engraved Invitation

The possibilities with paper engraved invitations are endless. This is the classic medium for laser engraving because it is timeless, inexpensive and easy.

Solid Wood Engraved Invitation

A solid wood invitation is a great alternative to paper. Depending on the type of wood, it can still lightweight so it won’t cost much to mail to your guests. It is very versatile and you can tailor it to match your decor. Wood invitations are perfect for the rustic-chic or boho bride.

Cork Engraved Invitation

Cork creates a great canvas for laser engraving. Cork is extremely lightweight (even more so than wood) so it will save you money on postage. Cork invites are perfect for a country or garden wedding.

Acrylic Engraved Invitation

Acrylic invitations are the newest trend in laser engraved invites. These invites look very classy and modern due to the clear background. They are perfect for a destination, minimal or a modern wedding.

Mirror Engraved Invitation

Mirror engraving is fairly new in the world of wedding invitations. This up and coming medium is classy and timeless. Although this is the most expensive medium to print on, you can’t really put a price on beauty, can you?

Leather Engraved Invitation

Leather is the most unexpected medium for save the dates and invitations, but we are loving it. This is best for brides who want to give their guests something they can keep with them forever.

No matter the medium you choose, laser engraved wedding invitations are always a good idea. They will wow both you and your guests. These invites will create a lasting impression and excite guests for the big day to come.

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